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Very cold
Very comfortable
Electric door opening and closing
Remote tablet control
Real time monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen concentration, body temperature, and calorie consumption
Make your cold therapy anti-aging journey safer and more effective
Instantly activate body energy
Regulating the nervous system
Accelerate metabolism
Improve self immunity
Beauty anti-aging
Pain management
Quick pre cooling intelligent temperature control -100℃ to -180℃
The brand new lightweight design covers an area of only 0.8 square meters, with a total weight of only 80KG, making it easy to install and plug in for immediate use.
New intelligent design, flexible control of tablet and screen, support for multilingual switching, and estimation of single liquid nitrogen/calorie consumption.
The insulation coefficient of the new generation of nano insulation materials is as low as 0.01w/(m.k), which is 10 times that of ordinary insulation cotton. With the use of surround air ducts, the refrigeration efficiency is increased by 31% compared to the previous generation, and the liquid nitrogen consumption is reduced by 46%. The lowest single liquid nitrogen consumption can reach 4L.
Multiple safety guarantees, 600L/min high flow oxygen supply/real-time blood oxygen monitoring, to eliminate the risk of hypoxia.
Real time monitoring of liquid nitrogen consumption
Physical sign monitoring
Calories consumption detection
Nano thermal insulation materials
Remote control on mobile devices
Enhance body performance
Your most concerned doubts I'll tell you now
When a liquid is poured onto a surface with a temperature higher than its boiling point, a layer of insulating vapor is generated to prevent direct contact between the liquid and the surface, which is known as the Leidenfrost Phenomenon
Due to the boiling point of liquid nitrogen being -195.8 ° C, the body is enveloped by vaporized nitrogen gas before coming into contact with liquid nitrogen. Therefore, during the cold therapy process, the skin is not harmed and there is no risk of frostbite.
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