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Customized production
Each Whalepod is unique
Each Jinghua series floating cabin is meticulously
carved with details by hand
Make more effective products
It's what we've been doing
Research and development that always takes
effect as the core
Natural frequency
Vital signs
Ultrasonic massage
Brainwave interference
If you can't sleep,
Is floating still useful?
In a closed space, many people will feel nervous and anxious, unable to enter deep sleep, chest tightness, nausea, dizziness and nausea will follow. In this case, is floating still effective?

The same frequency
of people's brains and horses

Eliminate negative emotions
Three brain wave floating modes

Free adjustment of floating mode
according to different needs of different groups
NFT chip
Brain wave chip
Vital sign monitoring
Ensure your safety in real time
Whalepod is equipped with a Doppler biological radar, which enables it to be your close intelligent health butler. After comparing the data obtained from 71000 scans per second with the big data, a user's physical sign report will be generated, which not only makes your floating process safer, but also makes you feel the physical benefits of floating more intuitively.
·Real time monitoring of cabin safety ·When the floating cabin stays for more than 90 minutes, it will automatically alarm ·Automatic alarm when continuous breathing reaches 20 times ·When the heart rate and respiratory rate exceed the set value, the alarm will be given automatically ·Automatically generate single floating sleep quality
EPA water treatment system

The service life of floating liquid
is up to 1500 times
This time, we have equipped Whalepod with EPA III water treatment system, combined with physical and chemical double kill technology, which enables you to immerse yourself in the pure and clear floating liquid of municipal drinking level every time you float, and enjoy the pure floating journey.

Air quality
Purification system
Smart system
The water pump and ventilation fan are all silent,
and the noise in the working state is lower than 20db
Air quality
The ventilation rate of the fresh air system is as high as 40m³/h, and the air in the floating cabin can be circulated three times within one hour
Effective and efficient purification system
Easy to clean
Low maintenance cost
Low energy consumption
Usually,in pod-pod circulation method we need more than 4 cycles to get the purification rate more than 98%,
while the main engine-cabin circulation filtration method can purify more than 99% of the solution in the pod once,
and each cycle usually It takes 5-10 minutes, which means we can save more than 20 minutes for each waiting customer
The cabin is ground to 2000 mesh and then polished, the high finish makes cleaning very easy
Modular engineering makes replacement of our filter elements very easy and clean and ensures that in the event of a failure any untrained person can follow our video tutorial to replace the failed module, which is very important for remote repair of equipment failures .
Both the cabin and the water tank use thermal insulation materials,
which makes the energy loss of the equipment very low and greatly saves energy consumption.
High quality resin selection keeps the pods from yellowing or blistering for 10 years.
Physical-chemical double purification
Voice control system
water leakage protection system
Physical sign monitoring system
This means that you can freely control the lights, music, ventilation, hatches with your voice in the cabin, which will make your floating journey more convenient.
The system supports multilingual selection.
Although we use corrosion resistant materials on all solution contact surfaces,
But if you're still concerned about the risk of leaks,
You can choose to use our water leak protection system, he will shut down the system once a leak is detected.
We have developed a non-contact physical sign monitoring system for flotation, which can monitor your heart rate, body movement, breathing and other major indicators throughout the entire process without wearing a device, and generate a flotation effect evaluation report.

· Tested and approved to ISO 9001/CE /FDA safety standards by ETL

· Dimensions:

110” L (280 cm) x 63” W (160 cm) x 58” H (147 cm)

· Waterproof/fluidproof user surface






· 208-230 volt, 30 amp dedicated outlet with NEMA L6-30 locking receptacle

40 caliber water inlet and outlet interface


· (EPA Ⅰ-Ⅲ)

· Dimensions: 33.5” L (85 cm) x 15” W (38 cm) x 10.5” H (27 cm)

· Weight: 246 lbs (112 kg)

· Electrical connected with the unit

· May be installed up to 25 feet away (in ceiling, basement or adjacent room that stays between 32-100 °F, or -5-38 °C

*There are small hosts to choose from
water injection
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