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Float tank Customization
Create your own float tank
Custom processing minimum $20,000
Sketch the shape of your float tank
Design the engineering structure of your float tank
Your exclusive float tank is officially launched
First of all, our designers will draw the shape of the float tank according to your needs and preferences. You don't have to worry about your ideas being too exaggerated. Our designers like wild ideas, and they will try their best to design them for you. until satisfied.
Our designers will then 3D model from the sketches and start adding all the functional components you'd expect to have for your float tank to carry the technology.
Finally, our skilled workers will produce engineering prototypes according to the designer's structural design drawings, and carry out functional loading and adaptation on the engineering prototypes. After everything is OK, they will officially produce finished products according to the engineering prototypes. You The exclusive float tank will officially appear in front of you.
Basic Configuration
Top lights
Water injection
Host heating
Emergency stop
Bilge lights
Set the host temperature
Intelligent Control System
Cloud background control system
Electric access control system
Remote control system
Multi-store management system
Voice control system

The intelligent control system, which can be operated online, is more free and convenient, and realizes remote control, voice control, electric door opening, and multi-store management.
It can realize the multi-store fixed-point distribution management project for end users.

Environmental Management System
Water gun cleaning
In-cabin UV sterilization
High temperature steam sterilization
Cabin silent fresh air system
Cabin silent thermostat system
The efficient cabin environmental management system can carry out more thorough cleaning and sterilization work in the cabin after the floatation, effectively avoiding the secondary pollution of the floating liquid caused by residual bacteria in the cabin. At the same time, the silent treatment of fresh air and constant temperature system can create a purer floating environment, reduce the interference of noise in the cabin, and help floaters to better enter deep sleep.
EPA Grade Water Treatment System
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
The service life of the floating liquid is not less than 600 times.
The service life of the floating liquid is not less than 900 times.
The service life of the floating liquid is not less than 1500 times.
Energy Efficiency System/NFT Natural Frequency Technology
The built-in NFT chip can receive the natural frequency of 7.83Hz of the earth, so that the hippocampus of the floater's brain resonates at the same frequency, thereby effectively relieving negative emotions such as tension and anxiety, relieving mental stress, and entering a deep sleep state faster.
Energy Efficiency System/Ultrasonic Cell Massage Technology
Through 45000Hz ultrasonic waves, the floating liquid forms 5-10 microns of water vapor mixed with small bubbles, and the floating body surface is continuously blasted, thereby achieving the effect of relieving muscle fatigue.
Energy Efficiency System/Floating Liquid Hydrogenation Technology
Hydrogen is also given to the float to enhance the antioxidant effect of the float, which can delay the aging caused by the oxidation of human cells and make the body more youthful.
Energy Efficiency System/Vital Sign Detection Technology
The built-in non-contact bio-radar can monitor various vital signs parameters of the floaters in real time, ensuring safety and making follow-up health care plans based on these parameters.
Energy Efficient System/Multi-frequency Brainwave Interferometry Technology
Through the combination of brainwave technology, three floating modes of α, θ and δ can be selected according to the actual needs of the floaters to meet the needs of different groups of people.
Alpha wave floating mode: brain power wave, improve learning ability, suitable for young people to float.
Theta Wave Floating Mode: Helps correct bad habits and habits through subconscious waves.
Delta wave floating mode: deep sleep wave, link insomnia, improve sleep quality.
Energy Efficiency Systems/PEMF RF Technology
The thermal RF effect of PEMF is that after energy acts on biological tissue, it causes the movement of charged ions in the tissue, that is, ion friction generates heat. Biological tissue converts electric charge energy into heat energy, and generates heat synchronously inside and outside the tissue, which is different from the traditional three heat generation methods of radiation, conduction and convection. Radio frequency technology can directly act on the lesions, realize the heating method of external cooling and internal heating, increase cell activity, improve metabolic rate, promote blood circulation, increase body temperature, remove cold and dampness, and long-term use can improve physical fitness and prevent major diseases.
Energy Efficiency System/Far Infrared Technology
Far-infrared rays have strong penetrating power and radiation power, and have significant temperature control effect and resonance effect. It is easily absorbed by objects and converted into internal energy of objects. After the far-infrared rays are absorbed by the human body, it can make the water molecules in the body resonate, activate the water molecules, and enhance the binding force between their molecules, thereby activating biological macromolecules such as proteins, and making the biological cells at the highest vibration energy level. Due to the resonance effect of biological cells, far-infrared heat energy can be transmitted to the deeper part of the human body, the temperature of the deep layer below rises, and the generated warm heat is emitted from the inside to the outside [4] . The strength of this action makes the capillaries dilate, promotes blood circulation, strengthens the metabolism between various tissues, increases the regeneration ability of the tissues, improves the immune ability of the body, and regulates the abnormal state of excitement of the spirit, thereby playing a role in medical care.
What does your float tank look like?
Of course, we can accomplish far more than this. We continue to explore on the road of scientific research. You can tell us any imaginative imagination. We are very happy to be able to challenge new technical difficulties.
We have ten years of OEM supply experience

We sell products in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and produce float tank for more than a dozen floating brands around the world.

Software development
System integration
We have a group of designers with unique aesthetics, who can customize the shape of the product for you, making your product unique.
For some creative functions, we have professional programmers to write exclusive software programs for your equipment.
After the shape design is completed, the design drawings will be handed over to the engineering department, and they will produce the product mold for you and debug it until the optimal solution is completed.
In the end, we will integrate all software programs and hardware functions together, and use the simplest operation method to complete its function display. In short, we can almost complete all your needs.
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