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Wellness Focused, Innovation Driven


Our focus will always be on the wellness and satisfaction of our customers. For 10 years, we have designed, engineered and manufactured more than 16 generations of innovative Float tank products. We’re dedicated to refining our products until we arrive at the solution people want to come back to use again and again.

Plus, we’re continuously finding new ways to reduce our energy consumption — see how our corporate sustainability efforts are making a difference today.

Elaborate Made and Tested


To uphold our high standards of product quality, all YCfloat products are manufactured at our 50,000 square ft. headquarters based in hui zhou, Guang dong.

Throughout the production process, each unit must successfully pass through multiple levels of inspections, an automated 24-hour testing process, and an extensive 172-point quality control checklist.10

The proof is in the numbers. Our durable frame-and-tank design is life tested with a 1000-pound test for more than one million float cycles—simulating more than 50 + years of usage. Additionally, our Proprietary Float pump is life tested for the equivalent of more than 20 years of usage.

Our after-sales service center is maintained by 13 full-time technicians who are always ready to answer your call. In cooperation with YUNCONG, our customers get the following support:
Real-time product monitoring
Proactive alerts should any concerns arise
Unlimited customer support calls
Live emergency support on weekends
Maintenance reminders
More than 300 trained service providers nationwide
Technician certification program
Technical Support Center
We have offshore accounts. After the order is generated, you can conduct transactions conveniently and quickly, safely and reliably.
After your float tank is sent out from the factory, it will be delivered to you by international freight. Our cooperative freight company will provide you with door-to-door delivery service, saving you a lot of unnecessary trouble.
After receiving your order, it will be produced by the production department first, and then your float pod will undergo a three-day quality inspection by the quality inspection department. After reaching the standard, it will be arranged to the storage department to use safe and reliable wooden box technology for you. Pack and ship.
We have dedicated customer service staff who are online 24 hours a day, 365 days, ready to solve all kinds of questions for you, and we also welcome your feedback, which will help us continue to advance and develop in technology.
About us The world's leading intelligent floating equipment source manufacturer With more than 80,000 hours of floating equipment manufacturing experience, it is the common choice of more than 2,000 customers worldwide, and a floating operation solution provider.
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